You Are Enough!

You are Enough!

If you never did another thing, you are enough!

With all you have done that was ignorant, hurtful to yourself and to others, you are still enough.

Sometimes you find yourself hiding behind a mask of sadness  from  the memories of your suffering .   Fear takes hold as your mind replays those moments  you were brought to your knees by  tragedy, betrayal,  or  the loss of innocence.  Even after the extraordinary adversities you have experienced that broke your trust in yourself and in your Spirit, you are still  enough.

By opening  the gift of presence,  you  begin to be aware that you are more than your pain. That light still exists in a world filled with shadows.

To know you are  enough, is to touch into the radiant joy of your awakened Spirit.    Here you will sense the whisper of  loving inspiration from the Divine consciousness that you are.  A consciousness that  celebrates your unique signature, you are  one of a kind.   You contribute to the whole of all that is and has ever been. You always have and you always will. That is why you are enough.

In this life where there is Hierarchy, competition and comparison, you have been seeking to determine your value from the opinions of others. By accepting and creating ever increasing hierarchies  of ruling power  to judge you, you have been left to doubt your worth and  the unique contribution of your existence.

There is no one more valuable than who you really are! You are made up of the same wholeness of consciousness that they are.

How do you know that? By discovering you’re more than your choices. You’re the Explorer that chose a map to better understand the territory your Soul longed to experience in this incarnation, Exploration  to discover what you have not known before, is what life is about on Earth’s 3 dimensional plane of Demonstration.

By your breath,  given to  every living being, by your heartbeat that confirms you are truly a wonder of creation…you affirm that you are alive with possibilities from an infinite ever-changing consciousness.

By your ability to recognize a new day or the wonder of the midnight sky, you experience a profound reminding that it isn’t only the stars that invite our gaze, or the planets that call us to explore their mystery, it is the space that surrounds them. It is the consciousness that infuses that space, igniting each Divine spark of life in all its expressions.

Just like you are surrounded and infused with this alive space/consciousness that became the dream of You! You are alive! Your Divine Spark is lit within a sea of conscious space that is at once infinite and finite.

You are mostly space.

You are more space than you are mass.

Your frequency touches into unlimited space.

You are enough.

You have always been enough and you always will be.

Yes it is true, that much you may do, or has been done to you,  feels heavy with shadow, cruelty and to you unforgivable. Yet the same unlimited consciousness that offers itself to you for these life  experiences, can in a moment inspire enlightened understanding, freeing you to change your mind and your life when you call upon it.

In this way, gifts of wisdom gained from the adversities that created your experiences, become the amazing possibilities that open you to perceive  a new landscape in your life.

With your growing compassion, empathy, forgiveness, and an emerging trust of self, that was  born out of your adversities, you realize you are becoming a true Alchemist, For now you are learning  to transmute your limited thoughts into  enlightened golden possibilities. To know now  what you have never known before, is the gift of wisdom for your soul’s evolution. A Personal Alchemy.

You can change in a moment  to  know the power of  love from your consciousness and Spirit, Where you had once felt fear there is now peace. Learning to love yourself  opens your heart to know the fullness of your being. Now the love you offer others is not to fill your emptiness and prove your worth, it is instead a mirror of your Spiritual wealth of love, recognized by you and shared from the fullness of your heart.   This is who you really are! That is where your value resides. That is why you cannot be defined.

That is why I say you are enough.

Remember who you are and then you can step back and observe what you do. On this plane of demonstration, what you do can  be perceived from contrasting perspectives. Pause a moment, focusing on your breath. Place yourself in the center of what you are exploring, stand in the middle of its opposite polarities.

Breathe in a sacred space of neutrality. Become an observer of your choices, they are defining your adventure in learning…. not defining your value, you are already enough.

Ask yourself, “How is this situation, thing, obsession, or addiction serving me? Is this a repeat of my past or an adventure into the unknown? Am I more than the choices I am observing?”

Once I remember that I am not what I have done.

Nor am I what I have thought in the past.

I will remember that the power of Love is an  unlimited timeless Consciousness that is always available to me.   Awakening to the power that resides within me, I am now  invited to embrace a new dream and image of who I really am. I become aware that I am  born as a Creator with all resources available to me.

I  breathe in knowing…I am Enough.

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