Perhaps without realizing it, most of us know what it is like to live in a War Zone!  Suddenly in our minds we hear the Warning Sirens!  Instinctively we shut down emotionally as the threat amplifies!

“Incoming! Incoming!”

Our adrenals are pumping and our heart is racing as we intuitively feel the threat of judgments about to lock in on us, like heat seeking missiles finding their target. Instinctively we cover our Hearts!

Thrown into vulnerability, we feel incomplete to defend ourselves. After all, we believe that our imperfections, equating to our unworthiness, have just been revealed! Spiraling into Shame, Guilt and Blame to defend what we have not forgiven in ourselves, we deny our value  by laying another veil of Shadow over our self-esteem.

Why don’t we trust ourselves? Why do we cover up our own innocence, denying our authentic Self forgiveness?  What makes us opt out of our Self Esteem by choosing someone else’s opinion of our worth?

As children during the first 6 years of our life, we adapt by modeling our environment.  We watch, we feel, we copy, and learn how to behave from our environment. We develop our personalities  and how we identify ourselves from a myriad of early impressions. As we grow, we are not always able to discern which of our emotional attitudes, likes and dislikes  actually originated from our unique perspective and which ones we assumed from  modeling.

You have known yourself as an intricate matrix born out of your Genetics and  Soul imprints, yet still wearing a model of your early environment.

Yet how do you explain your Magical Moments? Those moments when Wonder catches you up in its wings and fills you with Timeless Love? How can you forget the beauty and sense of value that floods you when you are not on guard, when you have relaxed your hyper-vigilance, when you are  just allowing  and  appreciating presence…..

Perhaps that was when your Spirit touched you with its Unconditional Love and you remembered something extraordinary! Your Spirit is ever present! It lives within you and all around you! Timeless, alive, offering itself as a model of Unconditional Love! Your Spirit, Your Source, Your God is ready to begin showing you the wonder of you.   By releasing the conditions for Love from the model you adapted to as a young child,  you  will be able to experience your heart opening to  the Love that has never left you!

This is  Divine Love, alive in the space of all dimensions, in the breath that feeds every cell, that holds every Star in its embrace,  the Love that binds all life together.

It takes practice to rewrite our programming and t learn how to use this new Divine Software.  Every day we must practice animating our new model, rewiring our Brain and nervous system until we only remember, “I am born with a Magical Purpose!”





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