“Time”…Free at Last!

“Time, who are you?

I ask humbly, yet I am excited as I imagine the  freedom your answer may provide.

My questions are filled with my hopes and deep desires to know you. I call out to you….please answer me.

Do I have enough time?

Am I too old? Have I run out of time?

Or is there more than enough time to experience my dreams?

Time where are you? Where do you live? Will you show yourself to me.

Why do you behave one day as I expect you to, only to surprise me and reveal yourself in new and wondrous ways when I  least expected you to appear? Or more frustrating, showing me how I ran out of time when I thought I had time to spare?

Time, show yourself to me. Unveil your mystery.

Are you a mere program born out of my genetics? Are you cloaked in garments woven from the threads of history’s records,  patterned by Religion, Culture and Social Consciousness?

Does my Body Clock determine if I am tired or filled with vital energy?

Oh Time, I so desire to know you and your mysterious secrets.

Ahh, there you are! I see you dancing in front of me now.

Like the YoYo I played with as a child. You’re showing me I am the one controlling the spin making it faster or slower.

Ahh yes, I remember, I practiced with my YoYo until I made it hold its spin, elongating and increasing  its  perpetual motion until I decided to return it back again to a stationary position.

I am delighted Time. I now see there is more to you than meets the eye. What a wonderful metaphor you showed me.

Time I would like to learn how to play a new game with you.

In this game I will practice being present.  Ready to allow you to show me I have all the time I require to accomplish any dream that is my heart’s desire.

In this game I will accept as the rules of engagement, that you may  stretch, contract, disappear, re-appear and unfold new dimensional realities to achieve the best possible timing!

How does that sound for a new game board?

In our past, there were moments when you have delighted me with “perfect timing”! You filled me with the  thrills of intoxicating hopes and glittering wonders! But because I have not been able to maintain this perfect timing, I  found myself believing that  I must be doing something wrong.  Feeling out of control, I interpreted that my adversities and poor timing  were due to  being undeserving.

I allowed fear to overcome me as I resisted the flow of events that appeared in my life.   I concluded that my  timing should have been different!  Depressed, I have suffered as my fears  painfully elongated time turning  you into a cruel adversary!

Oh Time, I have been in error!

You were daring me to be greater than those fears that whispered in my ear. Their refrains from old tapes and programs so  familiar that I believed they must be true.

I realize now that my timing always offered me  an opportunity to pause and become aware. To make a new choice for change or to stay the course if I believe that to be best..

Time who is leading who here?

Are you deciding my fate, or are you mirroring my choices?

Oh Time, you are a wonder and still a great mystery.

I suspect that as I change so do you!

I now perceive how mutable, changeable and magical you are in me.

You are a dimension of my mind, and my thoughts.

You are alive, ever-changing with me as me.

I change, You change, Oh Time,

‘Olly, Olly, In Come Free!'”


Linda McCallum , 3/20/2015

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